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March 16, 2007 by bsnaxton · 5 Comments · Blogging, Middle School Blogging

I wrote a few days ago that getting people to write comments on SC Middleschooladmin was like pulling teeth. Well I had a meeting today with some of the principals and ap’s and asked them if anyone was even reading it.  You know what they are. Yahoo!!!  What they said was we really enjoy it, we love reading it, don’t change it, we just don’t have time to write on it. Also a few of them stated that they are not quite ready to post to an open forum and I understand that. Sometimes you have to be ready to step out of your comfort zone and maybe just reading is the first step for some of these people. Anyways I was encouraged by the group and I am going to keep moving on and posting to the new site

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  • Kimberly

    I’m always amazed when I look at my referers list and see 1000+ and I think, then why did only one or two people stop to leave a comment? I always figure that I wasn’t compelling enough in my topic to elicit a response. Maybe readers just don’t have anything to say or enough time as your colleagues indicate. Thanks for the post, gave me something to think about.

  • bsnaxton

    Thanks for stopping by Kimberley. I sometimes have the same thought that maybe I wasn’t interesting, compelling or thougtful, but the more I think about it I feel that it just boils down to time. It is much easier to read than to read and write. So now I just write in the hope that someone will read and if they leave a comment, well thats a bonus.

    hey thanks for the bonus.

  • Glenn E. Malone

    I’m notorious at reading without comment. I felt guilty with this topic and so you now have this comment…keep up the great work :)

  • bsnaxton

    Thanks Glenn. I appreciate your reading and leaving a comment. I also have enjoyed reading your posts on Leadertalk. You look like a fun guy to work with.

  • Brad Davis

    I am new to blogging, but I immediately saw the benefits, both professionally and personally. I have created a couple for use with my staff and have fI have also met with resistance. Some do read, but don’t comment and some have no interest whatsoever. The time factor is something I hear a lot but I think the fear of writing for a new, much largr audience is daunting for many.

    Blogging will eventually catch and surpass the faculty meeting as a way to communicate and I am quite sure that people will come around.

    I fall victim to the overflowing google reader myself, but like exercise and rest, professional development develop is an integral part of being balanced.

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