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Holding a draft

May 23, 2007 by bsnaxton · 2 Comments · mumblings

The NBA’s lottery draft was tonight. If you don’t know about it, the draft works like this, the worse you are the more ping pong balls you get in the bucket, therefore the better odds you have at getting the best basketball player in college. While there are no guarentees that the player will pan out, usually getting first shot at anything gives you a good chance at making it or him succeed. Don’t forget that this player will be making 10′s of millions of dollars for putting the ball through the hoop. Now don’t get me wrong I love basketball, but what is that player really doing. Basically he is an entertainer, a very good basketball player and one rich man.

With that said the concpet of the draft intrigues me. Lets apply this scenario to schools. You take  worst schools all schools,  give them a bunch of ping pong balls based on API scores (because thats what we have), put them in a bucket, televise it and then the winner gets to select the best teacher first and pay them millions of dollars. Hmmm…that just might work.

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  • Megan

    Great Blog Brian. I am proud that you are out there ahead of the curve in the PVUSD. I would hate to see you “drafted” away.

  • bsnaxton

    I assume this is you. How did you find my site? I don’t think that draft thing is happening any time soon.

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