Leadership, DY/DAN style.

I was tagged a few weeks (days?) back for a leadership meme. The question was “What are 7 qualities that make you an effective leader”. I enjoyed putting it together and reading some of the other blogs that received this same tag.

One tag that I particularly enjoyed was that of Dan Meyer. Dan is a teacher, not an administrator. He has not yet come to the Dark Side 🙂 , not yet anyways. If you are an adminstrator or thinking about becoming I encourage you to check out his post on leadership. He offers some words of wisdom from a different point of view.

I particulary like his quote ” Exterminate your insecurities long before we discover them. ”

The other quote that stuck out was this one “Start your meetings promptly and end them early.” This is a pearl of wisdom that I have noticed many administrators forgetting about.

Thanks Dan for your enlighting words. I will use them in my continued effort to improve my quality administration.


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