Change; sure!

I wrote a post about change recently. In it I asked this question: what makes a teacher or any school staff member (because I know plenty of administrators who just do things the same old way) want to change?

Since then I have had the pleasure of witnessing change take place at Aptos Junior High School. Change and collaboration. Two of the greatest things that an administrator could ever be party to.

I will start with the change. I have written several posts on the computer cart that our school purchased and that the ELA department was the dept with the most questions and hesitation about purchasing the cart. Just this last week 4 of the ELA dept teachers used the cart. One teacher used it to start a writing process and the other 3 used it to do research on African Folktales. This is awesome. The cart has only been available for 4 weeks and already 4 ELA teachers are using it (oh wait I said that already!, tells you how excited I am). This is a great example of teachers being willing to take a step forward and try something new. Now I don’t know if they will ever use it again, but what I do know is that they did something new, something different than the day before and as we all know in the world of education this is great news.

I would also like to congratulate my teachers for collaborating on the internet project. They all shared a classroom, moved their students through the computer setup, helped each other with the tech aspect of the cart and researched the African Folktale website together. Keep up the great work.

Additionally, my staff has started to begin to check out our LCD projectors constantly. Many of them have discovered that projecting something is much crisper and cleaner than using those fuzzy overheads. Dan Meyer writes in his blog about using Keynote and an LCD projector to keep his life organized. I feel that this will be the way of the future. Instead of overheads it will be laptops and LCD’s. My teachers are also discovering that Powerpoints, homemade DVD’s, and slideshows make for more interesting presentations than the cardboard dioramas. They are encouraging students to make these techno projects and then get them to school. It is exciting for me to see CD’s, DVD’s, and flash drives being brought to school with the sole purpose being for school work and not entertainment.

Enough about tech change, how about just the way that we are looking at interventions? Wait, that is a post. I will write about that next. Also coming up; Middle School goes live.

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