Done with school…

As I write this title I realize that I am never really done with school, it will always be in my blood and at my fingertips, however I am done with kids and teachers for this year. Now the fun stuff of scheduling, working uninterrupted, cleaning my office, organizing and getting ready for next year begins. I enjoy this type of work and when I am doing it I think to myself that maybe I should go into something where I can “just work”. But then August rolls around and I start to see the kids and I get the butterfly’s , well that’s another post.

I am looking forward to a great collaboration meeting we have coming up next Wednesday where we are going to be talking about Consistency and it’s effect on junior high students and their success. I will be writing about it, possibly in a running diary. That sounds fun and I have never tried that before.

It has been a great school year. I am amazed at how fast it went and the new things that I learn each and every year. You would think that after 5 years in the same position there wouldn’t be that much more to learn, but what do you know there is.

One thing I learned this year?  Well…maybe thats another post as well. I know there is one thing I just have to remember.

Here’s looking forward to a little vacation time.

Holding a draft

The NBA’s lottery draft was tonight. If you don’t know about it, the draft works like this, the worse you are the more ping pong balls you get in the bucket, therefore the better odds you have at getting the best basketball player in college. While there are no guarentees that the player will pan out, usually getting first shot at anything gives you a good chance at making it or him succeed. Don’t forget that this player will be making 10’s of millions of dollars for putting the ball through the hoop. Now don’t get me wrong I love basketball, but what is that player really doing. Basically he is an entertainer, a very good basketball player and one rich man.

With that said the concpet of the draft intrigues me. Lets apply this scenario to schools. You take  worst schools all schools,  give them a bunch of ping pong balls based on API scores (because thats what we have), put them in a bucket, televise it and then the winner gets to select the best teacher first and pay them millions of dollars. Hmmm…that just might work.

Spreading it thin

Well it seems that the hectic schedule has finally caught up with me. I feel like I am spreading it so thin that at some point somethings going to get missed. It’s sad really, because all of the things that I am doing I really enjoy. Blogging, tech help, discipline, talking to kids, meetings (yes I enjoy those) and many of the other things that are part of my day. This list doesn’t even include my family.

I don’t want to miss anything, I want to be involved in all of those things and more. I enjoy running around and getting things done, having it be slightly crazy and not boring. But the question is how to hold it together.
What if the thing I miss is really important, what if it is that kid who just needed two more minutes of my time or the teacher who was having a bad day but I couldn’t talk to them or I miss the signs that a fight is going to happen. Hopefully these things won’t happen and I can get a handle on some of what is happening.

This is the first time in my 5 year career as an administrator that I have had this feeling. I am not sure what to do, although I have some ideas. I know that I need to continue to have downtime for my own sanity and for my families sake. I know that I need to refocus on my discipline and make sure that I am supporting the teachers and helping the kids to improve their behavior. After that I am going to need to make some priority adjustments. I hope that I can pull everything together so that I can continue to do the things that I enjoy, however I understand that some of them may have to be shelved.

My main goal is to build up the layer a little more so it is not spread so thin. I need to make sure that I don’t miss something big and that I continue to do my job well.

This wasn’t in the program!!

I have been in administration for 5 years now and here are 10 things I didn’t learn in my masters program.

1. How to sand a driveway at your school
2. How to set up a meeting
3. How to sauter a basketball scoreboard console
4. How to set up an outlook distribution list
5. How to fill out a suspension form
6. How to direct traffic in an overcrowded parking lot
7. How to deal with an irate parent
8. How to listen
9. How to discipline a student and have the kid say thank you
10.That being an administrator is so much more than raising tests scores and that is ok

Powerpoint follow up:
My presentation went great. The kids seem interested and they asked good questions. The principal and the counselor both complimented the presentation. My hope is that the students will have come away with a sense of what they need to do to graduate. We will see.

I am starting to get emails from Santa Cruz County Administrators to add to our new blog. I will have a link up pretty soon. Hopefully by next week.

Off to take pictures of graffiti, (that wasn’t in the program either)